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How to Keep your Clothes Looking Brand New

Jake Brandner

Posted on September 16 2016

1. Always follow the care instructions on the wash tag for best results.

2. Wash your clothes inside-out, on the gentle cycle, in cold water, and with like colors. Studies have shown that, with the use of laundry soap, cold water is just as effective as hot in getting your clothes clean. Washing them on gentle, inside-out, and with like colors will prevent any shrinking, fading, snagging, or tearing.

3. Use fabric softener. Aside from making your clothes smell amazing and feel super soft, it also protects the color and prevents stretching.

4. Skip the drier. Heat makes colors fade and fibers tear, so unless you need an item right away, hang or lay flat to dry.

5. Avoid the iron. High heat can fry even the toughest fibers, making them break under the pressures of everyday wear. Investing in a steamer is the best way to give you a wrinkle-free appearance, while making your pieces go the extra mile. In a pinch, spritz your item with purified water from a spray bottle, and smooth with your hands.

6. Store garments properly. Heavier materials like cotton, rayon, and polyester are perfectly fine to be hung. Knits should always be folded to prevent stretching and to ensure they retain their shape.