Three Ways To Style Blanket Scarves

If you’ve been prepping for fall like we have, then you probably have a good selection of sweaters and booties already picked out to wear this season. Now it’s time to accessorize your chic fall look and we have the perfect piece in mind- blanket scarves. A blanket scarf is the perfect fall accessory that you can easily carry into the cooler season ahead. Here are ways we style our blanket scarves.

The Wrap- For those who get cold easily, take your blanket scarf and use it as a wrap. Unfold the blanket scarf and hold it out wide, drape it over your shoulders and bring the ends to the front. This is a perfect way to keep warm and looking chic. We paired our $24.99 Linden Knit Blanket Scarf- Ivory with our $27.99 Audrey Color Block Patch Top.

The Classic- The most popular way to wear a blanket scarf is to wrap it around your neck like a kerchief. Fold the scarf to create a triangle. Cross the ends around your neck and either bring them to the front or tie them in the back loosely. Adjust the scarf accordingly. We paired our $22.99 Cuddle Up Blanket Scarf- Gray/Mustard with our $39.99 Zoe Everyday Knit Sweater in the color olive.

The Rectangles- The easiest way to wear a blanket scarf is to fold it in half and let the sides fall straight down the front of you. With a bold printed scarf, like our $24.99 Reversible Cheetah Print Scarf, you can add flair to any outfit. We paired our Reversible Cheetah Print Scarf with our $39.99 Poppy Knit Pullover in the color mocha and our $16.99 Beaded Hoop Earrings.

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